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  • Keeping Ahead of Allergies

    Your nose is running constantly, your eyes are red and swollen and your throat feels like barb wire. You’re not alone as allergy season is in full force.
  • Don't Turn Your Holiday Into Sick Days

    White sand, hot sun, exotic sights and amazing food and drinks are what vacations are made of.
  • Cold or flu? Which do you have?

    We have all dragged to work feeling wiped and achy; nose dripping and sneezing, much to the chagrin of our co-workers; and you regret coming in to the office.
    You head home to curl up in bed, but are you just fighting a seasonal cold, or have you been hit by the dreaded flu? Chances are you have a cold, but it can be difficult to distinguish the difference. Each has similar symptoms and both are contagious.
    While colds and flu can look alike, there are several differences
  • Never Forget to Take Your Medications Again

    Is it the blue pill with lunch, and the orange with dinner, or are they both to be taken at bedtime?
    Keeping track of medication, or more so, several medications, can be confusing and daunting. Often medications can be forgotten, mixed up or taken at the wrong time making them less effective or even harmful

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