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  • Don't Turn Your Holiday Into Sick Days

    White sand, hot sun, exotic sights and amazing food and drinks are what vacations are made of.
  • Cold or flu? Which do you have?

    We have all dragged to work feeling wiped and achy; nose dripping and sneezing, much to the chagrin of our co-workers; and you regret coming in to the office.
    You head home to curl up in bed, but are you just fighting a seasonal cold, or have you been hit by the dreaded flu? Chances are you have a cold, but it can be difficult to distinguish the difference. Each has similar symptoms and both are contagious.
    While colds and flu can look alike, there are several differences
A screengrab from the documentary film "Silicon Valley North" produced by Kelowna-based Render Digital Media.
iN VIDEO: 'Silicon Valley North' documents Kelowna's growing tech sector
A new documentary shows how Kelowna’s tech scene is transforming the city from 'your grandma’s retirement plan' to 'every millennial tech entrepreneur’s dream.' The documentary film Silicon Valley North &n

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