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  • Communal cars just around the corner

    KAMLOOPS — A year ago a small group of people met to talk about the possibility of sharing a single car and now they are ready to begin a membership drive and purchase their first communal vehicle.
  • Idea of car share program trucking along

    KAMLOOPS – A truck share program could be right around the corner for Kamloops. There was solid interest in the idea at a meeting this week.
  • Communal cars on horizon for Kamloops?

    KAMLOOPS – A car share program has a lot of potential in Kamloops, according to Coun. Arjun Singh, and he will be presenting a 'car sharing 101' information session to the community this Thursday to gauge interest.
THOMPSON: Crucial US mid-term elections approach
  OPINION With the mid-term elections in the United States just seven weeks away, I wonder whether white women will redeem themselves. You see, it is this demographic group more than any other who made near-inexplicable

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