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  • Cold or flu? Which do you have?

    We have all dragged to work feeling wiped and achy; nose dripping and sneezing, much to the chagrin of our co-workers; and you regret coming in to the office.
    You head home to curl up in bed, but are you just fighting a seasonal cold, or have you been hit by the dreaded flu? Chances are you have a cold, but it can be difficult to distinguish the difference. Each has similar symptoms and both are contagious.
    While colds and flu can look alike, there are several differences
  • Free flu shots available for at-risk groups in Thompson-Okanagan

    THOMPSON-OKANAGAN - Flu season is back, and the Interior Health Authority is reminding all at-risk individuals to protect themselves and others by getting the free vaccine.
  • Flu shot season in the Southern Interior

    THOMPSON-OKANAGAN - With the peak of flu season just a few weeks away, Health Canada has started its yearly vaccination program.
  • This year's flu vaccine to target relatively vicious strain

    KELOWNA – If you feel like this fall has already been worse than others for getting a cold or the flu, Interior Health has some bad news for you.
  • Health authority hard hit by influenza last season

    THOMPSON-OKANAGAN - The Southern Interior was hard hit by influenza last season with a jump in confirmed cases and deaths.
  • IH secures enough flu vaccine to open postponed clinics

    OKANAGAN - Some flu clinics postponed last week have been rescheduled now that Interior Health has secured enough vaccine.
THOMPSON: Facts, not opinions, will bring Trump presidency to an end
  OPINION We’ve all seen it…or experienced it when we were little kids. The times you’re caught red handed…obviously guilty of something…and then you tell an obvious lie to try and cover

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