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The Unwanted Guests of Summer: How Pest Detective Keeps Your Home or Business Pest-Free

Pest Detective van arrived at residential home
Image Credit: Pest Detective

Patio season has arrived, and with hotter days in the Okanagan comes a need for pest prevention. Wasp, ants, and rodents may already be making themselves known! The experts at Pest Detective in Kelowna know what you should be watching out for, and they can help eliminate the problem before it becomes a big concern.

As long as they keep to themselves, everything is fine, right? Not so, says our Kelowna’s pest control expert, Chris Frederick. Chris, the owner and manager of Pest Detective, tells us why ants are of particular concern right now.

Ant mound between terrace tiles
Ant mound between terrace tiles
Image Credit: Adobe Stock

Chris and his team are often called in only when the problem becomes apparent to the homeowner, and by then, structural damage might already have started. It is much wiser to prevent ants from taking up residence in the first place. “When we do our detective work ahead of time,” Chris says. “We spot the risk areas and eliminate the potential infestations.”

Detective Work is the Key to Staying Pest-Free

“You might not spot a problem now, but you might face one down the road,” Chris says. This time of year, ants are busy building their colonies in outdoor spaces. If left unchecked, those colonies quickly expand and may move indoors. The best approach is to spot this hazard before they make a move on getting into your structures. Knowing how ants typically find their way inside is the key to preventing them. 


Rodents, such as mice, rats, and squirrels, meet the same standards of preventative measures. By the time you spot signs of them (usually when temperatures dip in the fall), they pose a much more significant threat. One family of rats, for example, can turn out a new colony every month. You read that right; the gestation period for a rat is less than 30 days. If you do not call a pest removal company, your unwanted guests can be a serious health risk by the time you notice them.

Pest control worker
Pest control worker
Image Credit: Adobe Stock

Not to worry, however. The team at Pest Detective knows exactly what to look for and all the ways that pests typically gain entry. Squirrels are the furry, fun ones but still part of the rodent family. Having a brood of squirrels in your walls or attic can be just as catastrophic as rats. The ways that experts like Chris deter squirrels from taking up residence differs from the approach with rats, but the principles are the same. Spot the potential entry areas and eliminate the risk.

Wasps are the next pest to contend with as summer rolls out. You might be surprised to learn the full extent of damage that these pests can do. They pose more of a concern than simply dampening your patio time. Left undetected, wasp nests can take over an entire wall of a home, often forcing expensive and disruptive deconstruction to solve the problem.

DIY Wildlife Eradication Is a Big Risk

There is another pest that can make things miserable for you. Raccoons might seem cute, but they can be one of the most challenging creatures to eradicate. Once they have decided on a new home, they are an unpleasant tenant. It might be tempting for homeowners to look at DIY methods, but the experts strongly advise against that. “Leave wildlife eradication to the experts,” Chris cautions. “Even if you like solving your own problems, raccoons are wild animals. They can be very dangerous when cornered.”

Wild raccoon
Wild raccoon
Image Credit: Adobe Stock

Sure, Chris tells us, obtaining a live trap and trapping a problem raccoon is possible. But then what? Stories of unsuccessful DIY relocation attempts involve everything from painful bites to destroyed vehicle interiors. Pest Detective offers free estimates and a 24-hour call line for your convenience, so it’s never been easier to get high-quality, professional help with your residential or commercial pest problems.

Free Consultations and Free Audit Services

Along with free consultations, Pest Detective also offer a free audit of your home or business. Chris and his team can tell you just how effective (or not) your current pest management program is - free of charge. They service the full spectrum of establishments, too. “Pests don’t care,” Chris says. “Our clients include restaurants, wineries, import/export companies, breweries, you name it.” The inspections that they do can save you money and avoid problems.

“Pests in wall plugs are a potential fire hazard, for one,” Chris says. Insects like cockroaches find their way inside, and those cozy, warm outlets make a great hiding place for them. Carpenter ants, in particular, are also a potential fire threat. Boring galleries into wood weakens its fire resistance. Don’t leave your home or business at risk; take steps now to ensure your space remains pest-free.

Pest Detective Kelowna has a great website that outlines what they do and how to reach them. You can call them at 250-860-2867 to arrange a free estimate. They are conveniently reachable 24-hours a day for onsite service.

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