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Outrageously Healthy - Foundations of Lifelong Health and Well-Being Begin with the Nervous System

Dr. Whillans of Lifeworks Family Chiropractic and Author of Outrageous Health
Image Credit: Stacy Pavlov
July 24, 2017 - 12:00 AM

If we are open to thinking a little differently, truly amazing results are possible. After walking into Dr. James Whillans’ Kelowna office and speaking with him, it becomes obvious how a change in thinking will result in lifelong health and well being.

To ensure good health and longevity, according to Dr. Whillans, who practises nerve based wellness, there are three foundations to follow. If these principles are made a part of everyday life, we will achieve our full health potential, and our life will be transformed. 

Having a positive and healthy mindset with constructive beliefs, living a wellness lifestyle which includes making better choices in all dimensions of life and caring for our body’s master control centre; the central nervous system are the three keys to health management. Ideally, this way of thinking and living starts in childhood, although it is important and beneficial at any age; regardless of what health issues or ailments are plaguing us, says Dr. Whillans.

“There is wisdom in the body and that wisdom is expressed through the nervous system,” he points out. “Health does not have to be complicated.” If there is disruption in the nervous system, the body can’t function properly. If the nerves are clear, the body can heal itself.

Dr. Whillans provides care for a two week old little girl in his Kelowna clinic.
Dr. Whillans provides care for a two week old little girl in his Kelowna clinic.
For the past 10 years, Dr. Whillans has helped all ages of people with his nerve based approach, but he particularly concentrates on expectant mothers, babies and children. Helping a woman prepare for childbirth, caring for newborn babies who have had a difficult birth journey or who are suffering with colic and providing care for children suffering from asthma, ear infections, headaches and even bed wetting are all common things he regularly sees in his clinic. Trained near Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Whillans chose to study nerve based wellness chiropractic because he suffered as a child with severe ear infections. Desperate to find a permanent solution, his parents took him to a chiropractor who, with a gentle chiropractic adjustment, cleared nerve pressure to his ears and the problem was solved. Dr. Whillans chose to head south to earn his degree. He explained that the practise of chiropractic actually began based on the principal of nerve interference on the spine. After completing his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Dr. Whillans has pursued extra training in nutrition, prenatal and paediatric chiropractic, as well as numerous neurological approaches to creating brain and nervous system balance.

When he’s not helping others at his LifeWorks Family Chiropractic clinic on Gordon Drive, Dr. Whillans is spending time with his three children, playing soccer and taking in all the Okanagan has to offer.

For more information on nerve based wellness, visit, or pick up a copy of Dr. Whillans’ book, Outrageous Health.



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