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How Wine Lovers are Saving Money and Time

Vine Kits West Kelowna wine being labelled
Image Credit: Vine Kits

Vine Kits in West Kelowna: Great Quality Wines, Exceptional Value

It might surprise you to learn that many wine lovers in the Valley are unaware of the best way to get quality wine at affordable prices: craft wine kits. With the help of the experts at Vine Kits, a boutique wine supply store in West Kelowna, the cost per bottle drops substantially over commercial wine.

Having Vine Kits curate your pick of vintage into a personalized batch is an excellent alternative to buying wine at retail prices. You can save as much as half the price, and the wine kits on offer will excite even the pickiest wine drinker. The owner of Vine Kits is Bill Taylor, who has a good reason for stocking such a diverse range of wine kits. “My customers are wine lovers,” he said. “They appreciate quality wine; they just want a better price on those bottles.”

Growing Up in the Wine Making Business

Bill knows his stuff, too. His parents owned a store selling wine kits and brewing wine when Bill was a teenager, and eventually, that drew him to the business. While initially studying finance and working in that sector, he was clearly bitten by the wine bug. When an opportunity presented itself to acquire inventory, supplies and a location in West Kelowna, Bill jumped at it. Over the last year and a half, he has been methodically tweaking inventory and building up a loyal clientele.

Bill, Owner of Vine Kits
Bill, Owner of Vine Kits
Image Credit: Vine Kits

There is no one specific type of customer, Bill said. The people who shop at Vine Kits are a diverse group, but they share one common trait: they all love good wine, and the very fair price points Vine Kits can give them. Without exception, the customers who come into his store are looking for quality wine at a better price. People are always pleasantly surprised when they discover how inexpensive it can be to craft quality wine. That is rewarding, says Bill, but it is just part of why he enjoys what he does. “For me, it is not about just getting people in the door; it is about sharing the knowledge of what we are doing.”

Custom Wine Brewing Is Easy

The important thing to note, Bill said, is creating a batch of custom-made wine is easy. In fact, most of his customers invest less than 20 minutes, in total, in the whole process. Even first-timers, Bill said, can enjoy an entire batch of wine after a minimal time commitment. Space is not a concern either, as Vine Kits oversees the process from start to finish. Customers need only bottle their finished wine, take it home, and enjoy it. Even with such a simplified process, some customers take winemaking to the next level – brewing their own wines at home, cellaring their bottles and creating exceptional quality aged wines. Vine Kits happily caters to them all, stocking the inventory of the bits and pieces that home brewers need.


The Flexibility of Wine In A Box

As Bill and I chatted, he mentioned another exciting service he offers. Customers can have their wine boxed now instead of bottled, which is ideal for the summer patio and camping season. Many of the regulars at Vine Kits are doing precisely that, having delicious rose wines or fireside reds boxed rather than bottled. The result is always quality wine that is easy to transport to the camper, lake or patio.

Get Ready For Summer

When it comes to patio wines, Vine Kits has a fantastic selection. Classic Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnays, and Zinfandel are all available. And what about those evenings that demand a red wine or BBQ dinners where a robust wine is needed to step up to the plate? No problem. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlots, Pinot Noir, pick your favourite varietal and Bill will give you his top recommendations.

Vine Kits wine in production
Vine Kits wine in production
Image Credit: Vine Kits

Bill is also an excellent resource in another area; planning social events where large-batch brewing makes sense. From family reunions to weddings, Vine Kits has excellent selections. They also offer discounts for multi-batch kits, making it even more affordable to cater your get-together or build up a cellar of your favourites.

Getting started with Vine Kits could not be easier. Bill has everything you need. Your next wine vintification (the industry term for the complete winemaking process) can happen in minutes. Depending on the type, wine is ready to consume in as little as a month. That means you could easily pour your new favourite patio wine by August - if you call Vine Kits now.

Vine Kits is located in West Kelowna at 3640 Gosset Road, Unit 115. They can be reached at 250-707-0003, or check out the latest stock on his website.

Oh, and did you know? Kelowna has now made it legal to drink wine (responsibly) at eight of their parks? Well, they have, and you can read about it here. Even more reason to go see Bill at Vine Kits!

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