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Are Your Pets Ready for Summer?

Pawlished Pet Grooming schnauser
Image Credit: Pawlished Pet Grooming

With summer looming, the talented team at Pawlished Pets can help make sure that your furry friends are ready. If you are wondering what help your pets might need, keep reading!

While getting ready for a hot Okanagan summer, prepping for summer outings and adventure planning, don’t overlook the needs of your furry friends. Did you know that depending on your pets, they will need some essential planning, too? Well, they do! Some dog breeds have thick coats and some breeds are just not able to shed their cool-weather coats fast enough. A certified dog groomer, however, can make them all more comfortable.

Pawlished Pet Grooming small dog with bow
Pawlished Pet Grooming small dog with bow
Image Credit: Pawlished Pet Grooming

Expert Grooming Makes all the Difference for Summer Comfort

The experienced team at Pawlished Pets in Penticton know precisely what your dog or cat grooming needs are. It is more complex than it might sound, too. By trimming too much, dogs could lose valuable protection from the sun. Trimming too little means your pal will be panting their displeasure. Burrs, thorns and ticks are issues this time of year also — something professional groomers know how to deal with and prevent. A well-groomed coat is less likely to pick up those annoying burrs and ticks, for example.

The expert team at Pawlished Pets know exactly how each breed should be cared for, and they use a variety of shampoos and products to manage them. Hypo-allergenic shampoos and other breed-specific products are individually selected for each pet.


With almost 19 years of experience, owner and manager Jessica Schmuck has been caring for animals all over the Southern Okanagan. From small to big, feline to canine, she knows what your pet needs to look good and feel great in summertime. "I've been an animal lover my whole life," Jessica said, and her passion certainly shows. The love and dedication that Pawlished Pets displays has drawn in a very loyal following. "We have great clients," Jessica said. "Several of the dogs I see came in as puppies, and we have now cared for them and watched them grow into happy adults."

Jessica and her team are experts at making dogs feel comfortable. "Meeting a dog for the first time, they can be nervous or shy... but even after their second or third visit, they typically come bounding through the door — so excited for their ‘spa’ date." Pawlished Pets also caters to cats, something not that many groomers do. "Yes, cats can be challenging," Jessica told me, laughing. "We love them, though. It usually just means extra planning to accommodate their typically introverted personalities." Jessica has opened early to deal with a nervous cat or dog one-on-one, and she has stayed late so they could give a cat a quiet space for grooming.

Pawlished Pet Grooming cat
Pawlished Pet Grooming cat
Image Credit: Pawlished Pet Grooming

Small to Big, Feline to Canine, Pawlished Pets Caters to All

With her tremendous love for all animals, we guess that she probably does not have any favourites. "Well, not really," Jessica said. "But I get pretty excited when poodles come in. And chihuahuas! I have a chihuahua, and so it's easy for me to make them comfortable and happy. They are certainly a breed with a distinct personality." Big dogs — even some giant ones — come to see them, not just the tiny breeds. There is a waiting list for bigger dogs, however, as Pawlished Pets has many regular customers owning large breeds. "We only have appointment space for small dogs and cats right now," Jessica said. "But it is usually possible to fit any size or breed in if they just need their nails trimmed. We even get walk-in nail trim visits." The team has some pretty cool tools that allow them to help all dogs, such as a hydraulic lift table. Having this lift in the shop lets them cater to pets with special needs, such as injured or elderly dogs with limited mobility.

Grooming at Pawlished Pets is not just a basic wash and trim. The standard appointment includes bathing, grooming, nail trim and ear cleaning. The team also offers teeth cleaning as an extra service and teeth cleaning is a great idea. It is important to keep on top of a dog's dental hygiene and the professionals at Pawlished Pets can let you know how your pet’s teeth are doing.

Socializing Space and Calming Kennel

Having your furry friend looking and feeling their best for summer is important, and Pawlished Pets knows the best ways to make the visit a success. They feature socialization areas for dogs to interact, as well as calming kennels for those dogs who would rather have their own space. Getting to know the individual traits of an animal is the trick to making sure that they are comfortable and Jessica excels at that. Being the animal lover she is, it is easy for her to figure out what your pet needs to relax.

To check availability at Pawlished Pets, contact Jessica at 250-493-1040 or email Visit their website for full details. They are located at #108 – 1505 Main Street in Penticton, BC. Hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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