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MORAN: How you can eat your medicine, straight from B.C.'s forests

August 02, 2017 - 12:08 PM

The term super-food gets tossed around a lot these days. I find it a bit redundant because all wild edible foods fall under the category of super-foods. The terminology should be the other way around and the fruits and vegetables that are low in nutrients (in comparison to all these super-foods) should have a term of their own.

I also feel strongly that the system of labeling organic foods should be reversed, and the myriad of man-made substances applied to our food should be thoroughly documented, rather than certifying and charging farmers extra for foods that are left uncontaminated.

The food found in nature can never qualify to fit in to the hierarchy of organics, because there is no property to certify. This is a great demonstration of how warped our view on produce is. What could be more 'organic' than a wild mushroom collected deep from within B.C.'s temperate forests?

Everything that is safe to eat in the fields and forests of the southern interior has hidden benefits. Elderberries, which are ripe in one month, are great for any type of cold or flu. They can be made as a pie or a syrup for kids or to add to a homemade cocktail. My favourite is elderberry mojitos. Dandelion greens makes a great salad. They are farmed in France and especially popular in the region surrounding the city of Lyon.

Dandelion also happen to be a powerful liver detox and diuretic and will leave you feeling more energized. There are countless medicinal herbs growing in a weedy backyard that can be dried and brewed into tea. In the summer I like to make a big batch, sometimes mix it with green tea, lemon, or honey, and take a jug on a road trip or a day in the mountains.

Berries, leafy weeds, mushrooms: There are too many beneficial types of produce in our midst to list, and harvest season is here.

Instead of taking vitamins and supplements try looking to your surroundings to meet your needs, and keep a stash for the winter to play with in times of need.

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