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POULSEN: Terrorists among the refugees

Image Credit: Chuck Poulsen
September 17, 2015 - 7:54 AM

Justin brought Jean Chretien out of a gratifying obscurity last week to tell Canadians they are both better human beings than Stephen Harper.

Chretien said Harper is an “embarrassment" to Canadians because of the way Harper is handling the refugee crisis.

Justin had already sermonized on his moral pre-eminence.

“You don’t get to suddenly discover compassion in the middle of an election campaign, you either have it or you don’t,” said Justin. Even Justin knew an Amen and the sign of the cross would have been overkill.

Cheap shots from both of them.

Canadians already know this has been human suffering of biblical proportions. Boasting moral superiority for political gain sounds like so, so many Republicans running for the U.S. presidency.

Justin and Mulcair want to bring in 25,000 and 10,000 refugees respectively by the end of the year. Harper says 10,000 over three years. These numbers may change. What’s a number to politicians during a campaign?

The issue Justin and Mulcair won’t address is how many ISIS jihadists are going to be in the mix; pleading poor, doomed and very thankful to any Western country slipshod enough in diligence to unquestionably welcome them?

This isn’t the same thing as the Vietnamese boat people Canada welcomed. None of them were crackpots determined to destroy us infidels.
It would be helpful to stop wringing our hands over “what happened to the Canada we have known?” as Chretien asked, and appreciate that a lot of the Mid-Easterns want to land in Canada to create religious mayhem.

And there will be, without hope of prayer, some - maybe many of them - if Canada tries to fulfil whatever the quota might be by Christmas.

ISIS is known to be actively smuggling deadly gunmen across the Turkish border and on to richer European nations.

An ISIS operative told The Express in England last week that more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into Western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees.

"Just wait," he said with a smile.

The operative said the undercover infiltration was the beginning of a plot to carry out revenge attacks in the West in retaliation for the coalition air strikes.

ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani praised terror attacks that have already happened in Europe and abroad

"We repeat our call to Muslims in Europe, the infidel West, and everywhere to target the Crusaders in their home countries and wherever they find them,” he said.

Clear enough?

U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said last week this crazy talk is real crazy talk.

He said the intelligence community has long been alert to ISIS’s ability to deploy operatives worldwide. The massive flow of people out of the Middle East now provides an opportunity for ISIS to plant their fighters on a larger scale, he said.

The issue is not just the number of refugees that will be accepted. It’s the vetting process that is meant to keep out those terrorists who might otherwise, in a quick fix scenario, make it into Canada.

That process currently takes up to two years for people coming from Syria, or Iraq.

They are checked for criminal records, automatic grounds for refusal. They are also checked for signs of terrorist affiliation which are done in the country where the refugee is staying, with the help of Interpol.

An applicant’s possible association with a terrorist is a red flag, although that can be a very difficult determination because it’s almost impossible to survive in Syria without interacting with extremists in some way.

It’s a laborious process, but even then the occasional failure is guaranteed.

Harper seems to be the only candidate who is doing any long term thinking about it.

The little boy drowned on the beach is the same age as my grandson. I saw it once and then made an effort not to see it again.

That’s probably the way most of us felt, Harper too.

Ask yourselves how you would feel a year after a slapdash entry policy if Canadian three-year-olds in short blue pants die because we casually let terrorists into the country to kill them.
UBCO biologist Michael Deyholos will give a talk on “Can We Trust GMOs?” at the Kelowna library Tuesday, starting at 6:30 p.m. It’s sponsored by the Centre for Inquiry, good people who believe in logic and science.
Bring your fears and see if they might be calmed.

— Chuck Poulsen can be reached at

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