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POULSEN: Speeches in one minute or less . . .

Image Credit: Chuck Poulsen
August 20, 2015 - 8:07 AM

* Mike Duffy smiling for the cameras is not a sight most people want to see, while they are eating or otherwise.
His lawyer has been making trouble for Nigel Wright and – by extension, of course, Stephen Harper – and Duffy had the grin of a man exonerated.
Not so fast, smiley face.
Duffy faces 31 criminal charges including fraud, breach of trust and bribery. He was charged with fraud and breach of trust in claiming $90,000 in expenses. Eighteen of the charges were laid in relation to $50,000 in shady travel expenses which Duffy claimed as a senator. A further eight charges of fraud and breach of trust were laid in relation to the alleged misuse of $60,000 in public funds for consulting contracts.
Only the bribery charge is about the money he received from Wright. This has been interesting political theatre, of which Ontario Court Justice Charles Vaillancourt will not give a wit when considering all the wrongdoing that went on with Duffy before the Wright payoff.
Wipe that smile off your face, Duffy. You’re not a free man yet.

* Prince William and Duchess Catherine have told the paparazzi to lay off the aggressive pursuit of photographing young Prince George. Or else!
Cry me a Thames.
You may think the paparazzi are scum. I think they are scum.
But ours is a free enterprise world the royals find beneath them.
People demand the pictures and therefore there are other people who supply them.
The job of the royals – their only job – is to perform, mostly just to be seen and wave.
This is very a low skill job. They don’t even have to make change.
If the royals don’t like the job, they could quit and try plumbing.

* The self-righteous members of Spallumcheen Council and its lead persecutor Coun. Christine Fraser have ordered The Log Barn to remove 20 signs advertising its business near Armstrong.
“It distracts drivers on the highway,” Fraser says. “We’ve had a lot of near misses there.”
How is it, Ms. Fraser, that you are able to count so many accidents that never happened?
How many accidents actually happened because of the signs? None, right Ms. Fraser?
Adds the councillor: “I feel we have a responsibility to make sure people are safe.”
God bless you and your quest for sainthood, Ms. Fraser, but be honest. You just find the signs beneath your personal tastes.
Log Barn owner Kimberley Stuart says the loss of its signs — including its inflatable 'Pie Man' — has resulted in a 40 per cent decrease in revenue and the ruling could be “devastating” for business.
The Okanagan has a riot of sign vulgarity west of the Bennett Bridge on the WFN land.
In comparison, the Log Barn is a pastoral bit of fun.

* It is legal to purchase marijuana in four U.S. states — Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington — as well as in the District of Columbia.
According to the online site 24/7Wall St., 11 more states will be voting to do it soon: Massachusetts, Nevada, California, New York, Vermont, Minnesota, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Maine and Delaware.
Seven of those states border Canada.
History note: The state of Washington, by public vote, re-legalized alcohol in 1932, a year before prohibition was repealed nationally in the U.S.
This could be a great state if not for the Seahawks, says one Packers’ fan.

*We all have stories about bad customer service and we’ve all spouted off to friends and family about it.
As with everything else, social media is magnifying these complaints.
A recent survey by ClickFox reported that when customers take to social media, more than 60 percent of consumers who read the complaints are influenced by these negative comments.
Here’s a good one I heard last week:
A woman ordered dinner at a well-known restaurant in West Kelowna. When her meal arrived, she described it as looking like three parts of goop, all in varying hues of brown.
She suggested to the waiter that the chef might want to do something about the meal’s appearance.
Said the waiter: “Well, you ordered it, ma’am.”

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