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JONESIE: We've had this Ghomeshi conversation before

Wasn’t the post-Ghomeshi verdict conversation confusing, yet oddly familiar?

Men were all like: Well it was reasonable doubt!
And women were like: Yeah but that still doesn’t help us.
And men were like: But that’s the system we have.
And women were like: I don’t think you’re listening.
And men were like: Well then lets just fix it.
And women were like: You can’t fix it; you don’t even understand the problem.
And men were like: Well tell me how to fix it.
And women were like: Dude, seriously?
And men are like: Whatever. I'm back to watching sports.

Speaking of sports: I didn’t watch a single NHL game this year. Yes, my Canadian team sucks and so does yours, but that isn’t it. The NHL ruined hockey with its bone-headed decision to choose Rogers alone for Canadian broadcasting rights. Rogers made it excruciating for casual Saturday night hockey fans by destroying Hockey Night in Canada, one of the few remaining traditions that brought Canadians together.

Speaking of ruined Canadian traditions: Tim Horton’s is all but dead to me and apparently lots of you agree. The coffee’s just plain better at the golden arches, if you need a to-go. Last time I got clown-ground, a Tim Horton’s-size line up quickly formed behind me. Not even roll up the rim drew them away.

Speaking of cheap coffee: the B.C. government appears set to raise minimum wage. That’s exactly what you expect from a "Liberal" government, right? HA HA. Now you’ll be able to get either more cheap coffee or slightly more expensive coffee. But nothing else.

Speaking of getting exactly what you expect: The guy in my Favourite Police Mugshot Evar was and charged with robbing a bank. He didn’t wear a mask. How the cops caught him, we’ll never know.

Speaking of cops: The province of B.C. wants to give them additional powers in emergency situations to physically remove people from evacuated areas. This is a bad idea and not just because I believe in civil liberties and the merits of Darwinism on an over-populated planet. As we know too well in the Southern Interior, communication is crucial when fire threatens and people are in a panic and all emotions are heightened. The RCMP do a lot of great things but communication is not one of them. This will not save them time in an emergency, it’s going to soak up a lot more of it.

Speaking of communication: That little conversation off the top about Ghomeshi? Not really true, is it. Lots of men ignore the chorus of concerns from women and return to their pre-occupations, but many don’t. They continue the attacks over and over again saying terrible things on social media to women who are trying to make us understand their truths. We could sure use a lot less of both kind of guys.

— Marshall Jones is the editor of

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