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JONESIE: Final election thoughts, but not mine: Rose Sexsmith and Melonie Dodaro

October 17, 2015 - 10:55 AM

We have a rule around here about attribution in our news stories: Only quote people if they can say it better than you can.

So over to two Facebook friends who together summed up well a couple of my thoughts before I cast my vote on Monday.

First well-known Kelowna businesswoman and philanthropist, Rose Sexsmith (and Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, via the link she shared.)

Rose's response:

"I didn't know much about Naheed Nenshi but I remember thinking how amazing Canada is, that this first generation Canadian man is the respected & loved Mayor of my old hometown of Calgary.

Bill C-24 is not in our country's best interest.

Setting up snitch lines to tell on your neighbour is not Canadian and creepy.

It pisses me off that I've been a Canadian Citizen for close to 60 years and Harper can change things right under our noses and now we are made to feel fear in our own land.
All you who are loyal to the Conservative Party, this isn't about being loyal to your party or your local representative, it's about standing up for your country right here at home.

It's not always about money. I don't want to pay extra tax either but I do want protected lakes & rivers, clean air, water & food.

Transparency in Government.

I want Government to stop selling off Canada.

I want to be able to trust government, RCMP and my neighbours.

I want to know that if I go on a holiday somewhere, I'm not going to get grief because I happened to be born in Lebanon 64 years ago.

I want everyone in Canada to feel protected and free.

I want our Military to go back being Peace Keepers and keep our people out of the wars we know nothing about.

In my opinion protecting Canada wouldn't mean going to another country's war.

Let's get our respect back from the rest of the world.

I voted Liberal and this to me means we get a chance to start all over again. I'm praying.

Please Vote for anyone other than the Conservatives. Next election when everything is clear again & the Conservatives have a respected & honest leader willing to work for us the people of Canada, then go ahead and vote Conservative.

But for this time around if you can't make yourself vote for anyone but Conservatives then please don't vote unless of course you are into what Harper has been doing."

Too many people are married to their parties and that's dangerous for everyone.

Now to Kelowna resident and social media guru Melonie Dodaro. I like the way she thinks too, though I am not convinced about the polls.

"Canada is voting for change in this upcoming federal election. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals pretty much have this election.

So when I vote on Monday I'm going to be voting Conservative because I want to ensure the Liberals have a strong opposition party.

And for all the Harper haters out there, you'll be happy to know when he loses he has publicly stated he'll step down.

Make sure you get out to vote on Monday!"

— Marshall Jones is the editor of

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