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THOMPSON: Donald Trump has told more than 10,000 lies, that we know of

July 22, 2019 - 12:00 PM

One thing we all know…if you’ll lie about something of little consequence…you’ll certainly lie about something that’s important. Fair or not…the only way you live down the reputation of being a liar…is by telling the truth. It can be a hard lesson…it takes time, requires a conscience and the desire to hold someone’s trust more than whatever you might otherwise gain from lying.

Most adults learn that lesson. Some never do. Truth isn’t what it used to be. Donald Trump has told more than 10,000 lies - that we know of - in two and a half years as president. He has no conscience…at least not a discernibly human conscience. And no one - in their right mind - should ever trust him. Those near him seem to treat him much like you would a wild animal…never turn your back for fear of him doing his worst.

I have no answers as to why people even want to breathe the same air as Donald Trump. I couldn’t stand him 39 years ago when I first met him…though I must say he’s lived up to my expectations since then.

Likewise, I have no clue why someone might subject themselves willingly to his abuse. There have been few people to my knowledge who have not suffered Trump’s betrayals. Those who have escaped his pain thus far…family and perhaps a handful of others…surely wait anxiously. Like the sun rising in the East…Trump throwing you under the bus always happens. It is telling that not a single person who has done business with Trump now calls him a friend.

Of course, having no conscience, Trump simply moves on…telling more lies…betraying more people. I’m left with the inescapable conclusion that some people - a lot apparently - just don’t mind lying or liars.

Of course, that makes me wonder. Are all the 62,979,879 people who voted for Donald Trump liars? And have they each told more than 10,000 lies, too? Good God…that’s about 630,000,000,000 lies. No, maybe they don’t lie as much…they simply appreciate a good liar…you know, like appreciating Itzahk Perlman even though they can’t play violin like him.

What we do know is that everyone who works for Trump…that is, those he has appointed or chosen to surround himself with…are liars, just like him. That’s the only way those people - otherwise known as enablers - can survive. Liars believe they can somehow insulate themselves from truth by having other liars…well, lie and reinforce their lies.

At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…lying means full employment…everyone has to lie…every day because that’s what the boss does. Of course, not all the liars are in the White House. They’re lying across town at the Justice Department…and Commerce…and Health and Human Services…and Education…and Energy…and the State Department…and Treasury…and Agriculture. My, oh my…while Washington, D.C. has never been a paragon of truth…it is now a monument to lying.

It is Republicans who have embraced lies like never before. They have so embraced Trump that they, too, lie about damn near everything…little lies…big lies…lies about matters of little consequence and lies about matters that are of great importance.

The lies come so fast and furiously that you can’t really keep up with them. You have to categorize them…break them down by Cabinet officials…Senators…Representatives …spokespersons…surrogates. Supporters…those who voted for the sorriest excuse of a president ever. And they show no remorse…none. So, the lies come spewing out too fast to count.

Some of their lies are so patently absurd…they make you laugh. For example, a couple weeks ago the U.S. Supreme Court justices said the Trump Administration couldn’t include a question about citizenship in the 2020 Census because the reason “appears to have been contrived.” Remember, the majority of justices on America’s highest court is stacked with Conservatives…Republicans. But even the Right-leaning court couldn’t let the idiots in the Trump Administration get away with such blanket stupidity.

The Trump Administration’s justification for the question - enforcing the Voting Rights Act - was a laughable lie. The U.S. Constitution requires a count of every person…not citizens versus immigrants…legal or otherwise. Even Census Bureau officials said including the question would cause an undercount of non-citizens and minority residents. Areas with more immigrants, which tend to vote more Democratic, would have lost both representation and federal funding. Ah, truth finally makes an appearance.

The Administration backed down…realizing there was no time to pose another argument to  justify the question’s inclusion. But hours later, Donald Trump, America’s Liar-in-Chief, tweeted yet another lie…adding to the tragic comedy that has befallen America.

“The News Reports about the Department of Commerce dropping its quest to put the Citizenship Question on the Census is incorrect or, to state it differently, FAKE! We are absolutely moving forward, as we must, because of the importance of the answer to this question.”

A lie, of course. I wonder when…exactly when…those who follow this madman of a president will stand up and say, “This guy’s a f****** liar!” I  am not going to be very forgiving when those who have waited so long finally admit their failure to be American…those who have let lie upon lie undermine America’s democracy.

You see, most of the lies - the big ones not the stupid ass ones of little consequence - affect real people. What the Trump Administration says is happening on America’s Southern border is chock full of lies…and it’s inhumane…and it’s killing people.

There’s no evidence that Trump, his minions and supporters care one whit. If you look on the Internet you’ll find secret Facebook pages and blogs with Trump supporters volunteering to man the border and “shoot to kill” anyone coming to America. Asylum…they don’t believe in it. Decency...they wouldn’t know it.

America was built on the backs of slaves and immigrants. But millions of Americans live on a steady diet of lies from Donald Trump and Republicans. Immigrants - legal or illegal - don’t take someone’s job…they do what others won’t. They pay taxes…more than they use in services. Yet Trump and his supporters lie with every breath…speaking of invasions…and marauding gangs.

Yes, America needs a comprehensive immigration policy…but Republicans have fought that because they fear immigrants will vote Democrat. They had control of Congress and the White House and did squat. They simply want to keep immigrants out…except maybe Norwegians

There’s ample evidence of Trump Administration lies about what’s happening at the border…separating children from parents…inhumane treatment…the stuff Americans used to stand up to anywhere around the world.

Americans can’t enter the “detention centers”…even Congressman have to apply for entry…and it can take days for “approval.” No cameras…no recording devices. You tell me…truths or lies?

I remember serving in the U.S. Air Force for an America that was vastly different...or at least it tried to be. Also, I remember when America would lead United Nations forces into countries where there were clear human rights abuses. Now, America has become one of those countries its people used to abhor. If Americans don’t demand truth…that its government do the right thing…the United Nations should demand proof that human beings aren’t suffering at the hands of Americans on the Southern border. Remember, you only reclaim respect for lying…by telling the truth.

— Don Thompson, an American awaiting Canadian citizenship, lives in Vernon and in Florida. In a career that spans more than 40 years, Don has been a working journalist, a speechwriter and the CEO of an advertising and public relations firm. A passionate and compassionate man, he loves the written word as much as fine dinners with great wines. His essays are a blend of news reporting and opinion.

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