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Nancy Bepple

Nancy’s roots in Kamloops go back farther than she does, when her grandparents and their kids arrived in 1934 to farm in Brocklehurst. Nancy grew up in Kamloops and then left for 20 years for school and work. She lived in Victoria, Vancouver and Salmon Arm returning to Kamloops in 2001. Along the way, she has been a software engineer, meteorologist, project manager, teacher and co-op coordinator, as well as being elected as City Councillor twice for the City of Kamloops. Throughout all these roles, she has been a banjo player. Like all banjo players, she has a thick skin and self-depreciating humour. She is deeply interested in politics, especially of the local variety. Her political beliefs have been influenced deeply by banjo players Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Kermit the Frog: a bit to the left, and a bit green.
THOMPSON: Italians are passionate about pasta sauce
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