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MANN: Do we get to see the big picture?

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August 25, 2017 - 12:00 PM

I am one of those people who needs to know the end of the story…

I think it started when I was a child and watched The NeverEnding Story. If you haven’t seen it, SPOILER ALERT: quite close to the beginning, Atreyu's beloved horse drowns in some quicksand…or some kind of swamp.

Anyway, the whole incident was traumatic for me and I couldn’t believe something so terrible would happen. I couldn't watch the movie past that point and I am pretty sure it ruined my day.

My mom, in her infinite wisdom decided to fast forward the movie and show me that in fact the horse makes it to the end of the movie. Or she just showed me the beginning scene over again so I THOUGHT the horse made it.

From that point on I have always wondered what the big picture is before I get to the end.

It’s an amazing thing to be alive today and gifted with the qualify of life I have become accustomed to, but I find myself wondering if I am doing everything I am supposed to be doing?

Do we have a specific purpose that will be revealed to us in time, and if so, is that purpose to serve ourselves or to help serve someone else’s purpose? — it starts to get complicated.

The solar eclipse on Monday was another indication (to me) that there is something out there bigger than myself that I don’t fully comprehend. Millions across North America watched this brilliant celestial alignment, taking place in such a troubled time.

For a couple of hours I stayed locked in the house so I wouldn’t accidentally damage my children’s eyes (how can you tell a two-year-old not to look at something and expect her to listen?), and I watched out the window as the world grew just a little bit darker.

It was almost eerie.

When I am trying to make a big decision in life, I always think I will get some kind of sign, letting me know which path to take — but that sign never comes — unless it does and I’m just not seeing it, or I make up that something HAD to be a sign, with no idea if it really was — I need a sign to show me the sign.

Although I’ve come to know the world through the lens of science, every once in awhile I get this foreboding sense that our existence is something more, like my experience during the eclipse

I read an interesting article explaining that some astronomers believe the eclipse indicates that a change is coming, pushing us forward — good or bad is yet to be revealed.

Technically change is coming. We are headed into fall, kids are back in school and Kamloops has an upcoming byelection.

And so I am left what I experienced during the eclipse some divine intervention, a sign of something to come, or was it simply the moon momentarily covering the sun?

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