YMCA Health Coaching Program offers Long Term Solutions

KELOWNA - We all know that our health is not attributed to one thing, for instance physical fitness levels or eating habits on their own. According to the most recent Vital Signs report, the social determinants of health include personal health practices, health services, social and physical environments, social support networks, and more.

The YMCA of Okanagan’s Coach Approach program, offered free with membership, is much more than just a fitness plan. Members who have completed the Coach Approach program, in addition to having established lifetime habits for physical fitness, often come away having a stronger social network and a community supporting them every step of the way. For one member, Coach Approach was the start of her new life.

“When I first started my membership at Kelowna Family YMCA, I was overweight and miserable. My family was going through a tough time and my mom had just passed away from cancer the month before.” says Teresa Hiob, member and past Coach Approach participant. “I walked into the Y with a mixed bag of trepidation and shame.  I needed direction so I booked an appointment with Christine. I realized later that although I came here to lose weight, what I discovered in the process was so much more. I never realized how big of a stress buster physical activity and being a part of a community could be, and though my problems were still there, I was better able to cope.”

The YMCA Coach Approach process includes 3-6 sessions of one hour one on one fitness coaching to help you develop a fitness plan, and to provide moral support so you succeed. “Approximately 15-20 per cent of individuals who set fitness goals don’t stick to their exercise programs long enough to see any health benefits, so this scientifically proven method of coaching is meant to help you start and maintain your fitness goals,” explained Christine Wright, Fitness Coach at Kelowna Family Y.

“After a year and a half I have gone from someone who never exercised and was psychologically miserable, to a person who attends the gym four days a week, dances to Zumba classes, and feels giddy at the thought of adding another weight plate on a machine,” says Hiob.  “Not only have I dropped two dress sizes, but I am happier, healthier and my whole family is too. I am so thankful.”

To find out more about YMCA of Okanagan’s Coach Approach programs, visit ymcaokanagan.ca or contact your nearest branch;  locally H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre and the Kelowna Family YMCA.

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