West Kelowna council meeting December 10, 2013

Regional Growth Strategy
Council agreed not to accept the Regional District of Central Okanagan’s Regional Growth (RGS) Strategy due to concerns with requirements for professional studies that the District does not currently require in its Official Community Plan (OCP). Since OCPs must be consistent with the RGS, this requirement could trigger amendments to existing West Kelowna bylaws. Council also agreed that the District was willing to accept the RGS on the basis that the section in question does not apply to the District of West Kelowna.

Bridge Inventory Status
Council received a report from Stantec Consulting regarding the state of bridges in the District of West Kelowna. The consultant conducted an inspection of the District’s bridges in 2013. The District maintains six vehicular bridges and two pedestrian bridges and the report recommends a repair budget of $181,664 for 2014.

Major Roads Projects
Council was presented with conceptual plans for two major road projects; Gellatly Road Upgrade Phase 4 and Westlake Road Upgrade. Council intends to upgrade both roads from the current rural standard to an arterial cross-section road as defined in the District draft Master Transportation Plan. Both projects were presented to Council with staging options should Council wish to consider upgrading the roads in phases rather than all at once. The total estimated cost for the Westlake Road Upgrade is $5.98 million if phased, $5.66 million if not phased. The total estimated cost for the Gellatly Road Upgrade Phase 4 is $5.35 million if phased, $4.95 million if not phased.  Council will consider this work and staging options during its upcoming budget deliberations.

2014 Budget
Council was presented with the Draft 2014-2023 Financial Plan and 10-Year Capital Plan. The proposed tax increase is 2.95% with Growth expected to be 1.25%. Council was advised that $457,509 is available for council’s discretion. Increases to the Library budget account for 0.45% of the tax increase and contractual increases for police and fire services have also impacted the increase. Increases in the District’s operating budget have resulted from cemetery improvements, which will be funded through user fees, and additional contract and maintenance work in Parks due to newly-developed parks and capital projects. The District is also considering pursuing radio advertising and will be taking on bylaw enforcement related to noxious pests and weeds. Two full-time staff requests have been submitted to Council, to create permanent positions for existing temporary staff, and Council is being asked to consider hiring two summer students as parks ambassadors. The plan includes $10.5 million in capital projects for 2014 and $4.6 million has been budgeted to put into Reserves. Next steps in the 2014 budget process are:
-  January 21, 2014 - Council to have detailed review of the Financial Plan for 1st reading
-  February 2014 - Public presentation, date and location to be confirmed
-  March 2014 - Financial Plan presented to Council prior to drafting bylaw
-  April 2014 - Financial Plan and tax rates bylaws to Council for 2nd and 3rd reading
-  April 2014 - Financial Plan adoption

Transfer of Service – Noxious Plants & Pests
Council adopted the District of West Kelowna Noxious Insect Control Bylaw and amendments to associated bylaw enforcement and ticketing bylaws, officially taking over this service from the Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO). Earlier this year, the District requested withdrawal from the RDCO’s program and has developed its own program, coming into effect January 1, 2014. The bylaw outlines the procedure to be followed when a complaint is received regarding noxious insects, responsibilities and penalties. The program consists of enforcement and education. The District’s Good Neighbour Bylaw already contains language addressing noxious weeds and no amendment was needed, but educational information will be presented to the public. Funding transferred from the RDCO requisition to the District for these programs is $2,599 for noxious insects and $12,723 for noxious plants which is proposed to be included in the Bylaw Enforcement account for 2014 to administer the programs.

3700 Inverness Road Rezoning
Council adopted a Zoning Bylaw amendment for 3700 Inverness Road from Rural 3 (RU3) to Compact Housing (RC1) to facilitate a future subdivision in Glenrosa. The applicant addressed zoning conditions outlined at third reading on December 11, 2012 including ensuring that environmentally sensitive features and steep slopes are protected and a future pedestrian connection secured.

2013 Breakfast With Business
Council was provided information on the results of the 2013 Breakfast With Business held November 15. 1,516 invitations were sent out to all District business license holders and 105 attended. Participants were asked:
-  What community amenities do you or your staff regularly use and what are you/they looking for?
-  What training or educational programs or services would you like to have access to in West Kelowna?
-  What do you see as the biggest opportunities for West Kelowna business in the next year?
-  What will keep you up at night in the next year?
Feedback received indicated that businesses and their staff use public facilities and want an enhanced experience; businesses are looking for more training opportunities for both staff and themselves and for ongoing opportunities to continue to reach out to small businesses. A survey of participants indicated 89% rated the event as “Excellent” or “Very Good”, 94% feel the District is proactively engaging small business, 100% feel they could actively participate and 100% would like to see this event held again next year. Council agreed to host the event in 2014.

Recreational Trails Master Plan
Council adopted the District of West Kelowna Recreational Trails Master Plan. The plan guides improvements to the community’s trail network on District lands. The plan does not dictate what happens on Crown, RDCO or private lands. The plan recommends short and long term improvement recommendations. The short term recommendations exist in the District’s 10-Year Capital Plan at $100,000/year.

CNR Wharf – Phase 1 Upgrade
Council awarded the construction contract totaling $536,541 to Burton Marine Pile Driving Inc. for the CNR Wharf Upgrade Project – Phase 1. This project involves the demolition of the wharf and construction of an upgraded facility including a three-metre platform, one metre platform and swim raft and slide. Construction is expected to be complete by June 2014.

Pritchard Park Plan
Council authorized staff to tender Phase 1 construction of the Pritchard Park Plan and directed staff to monitor the use and concerns associated with Pritchard Park and report back to Council in Fall 2014. Council was presented with key decision points that resulted from a meeting with residents of Pritchard Drive and District staff to discuss concerns with use of the park. that could affect the plan and associated costs as a result of that meeting. Council agreed to increase the size of a wrought iron fence fronting the park from four-feet to six-feet high, ensure improved parking infraction enforcement, and to put an additional $32,000 towards landscape buffering.

Zoning Bylaw
Council gave third reading to the Draft Zoning Bylaw and associated amendments to the Official Community Plan. The current Zoning Bylaw was inherited from the Regional District of Central Okanagan and was last substantially reviewed in 2000. A public hearing was held November 26. As the public hearing has concluded, Council cannot receive any new information on the subject. The Zoning Bylaw will now be referred to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for written approval as per the Transportation Act. Afterwards, the bylaw will be brought to Council for consideration of adoption.

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