West Kelowna City Council meeting highlights

Benedick Road
Image Credit: Google Maps

Benedick Road Rezoning Extension

Council agreed to an extension request for a rezoning application involving 2796 Benedick Road. The application, first proposed in 2011 but which has received no readings in Council as yet, involves an application to rezone the 6.1 hectare property from Rural Residential Large Parcel to Single Detached Residential and Rural Residential Small Parcel; and to amend the land use designation from Resource, Park and Natural Areas to Single Family Residential.

The application proposed that the 6.1 hectare parcel be subdivided into 37 single family residential lots and one large rural residential lot. The applicant will be expected to produce required geotechnical assurances that the entire site can be developed as proposed.

Highway 97 Emergency Traffic Lighting

Council agreed to direct the Mayor to write a letter to the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure asking that the emergency traffic pre-emption system on Highway 97 through West Kelowna be restored as quickly as possible.

The system, first installed in 2007, allowed West Kelowna Fire Rescue’s emergency vehicles to activate the traffic pre-emption system allowing green lights to remain on for approaching emergency vehicles. In April 2016, West Kelowna Fire Rescue was advised that the Ministry was shutting the system off for repair. No date or assurance of repair has been provided.

Council agreed that it was important to see the system repaired as it allows emergency vehicles faster and safer travel through intersections on the busy highway system.

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