Vernon council approves parkade improvements

VERNON - During the regular open meeting of council on Monday, council approved a total of $224,763 for safety and aesthetic improvements to the downtown parkade. Council approved adding $217,763 to $7,000 that was included in the 2016 budget for minor painting and lighting in the facility.

The upgrades will enhance visual appeal and safety in the parkade and will include improved lighting using LED fixtures, interior painting that will contribute to overall brightening in the facility, interior signage, new pigeon control measures, concrete deck membrane coating and other upgrades based on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design provisions.

Additionally, the interior walls, floors and stairs in both stairwells will be painted, and a new entrance canopy will be installed over the 31 Avenue pedestrian entrance.

To improve security, safety mirrors in the stairwells will increase visibility and pedestrian stairwell doors with larger viewing windows will be installed.

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