Vernon and area communities to spend latest provincial grants as needed

VERNON - Vernon and surrounding towns are getting a million bucks from the province to put towards some essential community services and each muncipality gets to decide how to spend it.

The $1 million bump will be divided between Vernon, Lumby, Enderby and the North Okanagan Regional District and is part of almost $74 million being invested through the Strategic Community Investment Fund to communities across the province.

Each community can put the money toward local policing and community safety, services and projects at their discretion, including more policing, infrastructure, new equipment, administration and service delivery priorities.

Vernon will receive $393,939 from traffic fine funding. Lumby will receive $242,332 and Enderby $285,413 toward small community grants. The Regional District Grant for North Okanagan will ring in at $112,504.

The Strategic Community Investment Fund includes the Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing Program, Small Community Grant and Regional District Grant Programs. Small Community Grants apply to communities with less than 20,000 and are used for infrastructure, to ensure stable administration and service delivery priorities.

Information about the Strategic Community Investment fund at the Local Government Policy and Research website.

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