2 convicted in killing of man shovelling snow for a non-profit

BOSTON - Two men accused of conspiring to kill a rival gang member as he shovelled snow in Boston for a non-profit that steers young people away from crime have been convicted of second-degree murder.

Prosecutors say Donte Henley and Josiah Zachery were found guilty Thursday of shooting Kenny Lamour in February 2015.

Henley and Lamour were on a snow shovelling crew overseen by Roca Inc. Although the men were members of rival gangs, they assured their supervisor they could work together peacefully.

Prosecutors say Henley texted Zachery, gave him a description of Lamour and told him to take a gun to the work site. They say Henley shot Lamour in the head.

Henley's lawyer says his client's texts were misconstrued. Zachery's attorney says no witnesses identified his client as the shooter.

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