Former bar owner picked as New York City's 'nightlife mayor'

New York City has named the former owner of what was once called the city's noisiest bar as the first director of its new Office of Nightlife.

Ariel Palitz, who owned the now-closed Sutra nightclub in Manhattan, was announced as the city's new "nightlife mayor" Wednesday. The Office of Nightlife was created last September after Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio signed off on a law creating it.

Palitz promised to hold a series of listening tours as her first official act, saying she will advocate for the city's nightlife and moderate for concerned neighbourhoods.

She will oversee a 12-person advisory board and a $300,000 annual budget.

Democratic Councilman Rafael Espinal says he is excited by Palitz's appointment, but hopes she will work to acknowledge nightlife in the outer boroughs.

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