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THOMPSON: 'Red Wave' in American mid-terms more of a pink ripple



If American democracy was the patient, and last Tuesday’s mid-term election the physician, the patient - after years of gorging at the dessert buffet without a single jumping jack - miraculously avoided a stroke and was saved by the doctor.

On Monday - and for most of this year - the smart money was on a blow to democracy’s kneecaps, a touted “Red Wave” of mid-term victories by Republicans in Senate, House of Representative and  gubernatorial races.

However, the “Red Wave” or “Tsunami” that Republicans - widely known for stretching truth - swore as inevitable, was more a pale pink ripple. Democrat and Independent voters - along with some old-fashioned Republicans not infected with the MAGA virus - were the shinguards that saved American Democracy from being crippled.

Make no mistake, American Democracy is on life support and needs to get well soon. Because in two years it’s back to the doctor.

Not since the Civil War - 162 years ago - has American Democracy been more challenged…more at risk…than what Donald Trump and Republicans have wrought the past decade. Quite frankly, while I hoped for the best…I thought it might be a flip of a coin whether America - as I have come to know it - would begin its slide into a fascist state last week.

But almost every one of the knuckleheads and grown up school-yard bullies - many with Trump endorsements - was voted down by a record turnout of voters. Thanks to a system that still works - as flawed as it might be - today Dr. Mehmet Oz is back home in New Jersey eating crudités rather than looking for a Washington, D.C. home for the next six years.

Trump proved more anchor - dragging Republicans under its professed “Red Wave” - than life vest. Trump’s extremist Republican choice for Pennsylvania’s Governor - Doug Mastriano - was spanked by Josh Shapiro. Democrat Maggie Hassan thumped extremist Republican Dan Bolduc, who embraced Trump and his lies about the 2020 election being stolen.

I am cautiously optimistic about America’s future…cautious because still too many Americans are suckers for the fantastical lies of politicians who just happen to be Republicans. The majority of Americans, for example, still believe the long-standing lie that the economy is better when Republicans are in power.

Quite the opposite, the strongest economies since President Herbert Hoover - almost 100 years ago - have without fail been under Democrat administrations. But tell the lie often and loudly…and a lazy electorate embraces misinformation…it’s easier than seeking truth.

Democrats have learned a powerful lesson with this mid-term election…and so have some Americans. Don’t let a minority - no matter how vocal - hijack American Democracy. Republicans, most of them cunning, calculating - dare I say evil? - whose only interest is being in a position of power…can and must be held accountable.

Republicans were the first political party to take away a freedom from Americans in 2022…women can no longer, they decreed, have an abortion. Some Republican states even made it illegal to help a woman in any way seek an abortion…even allowing any citizen anywhere in America to sue for up to $10,000…vigilante-style.

If anything, Republicans are consistent…they are against almost everything that is aspirational about America. They are so devoid of solutions they must use smoke and mirrors…as well as hate and fear…to try an scare Americans.

They talk about people of colour “replacing” real Americans…you know, the white ones. They vilify immigrants…legal and illegal. They distort statistics about crime…scaring white folks in rural America as if roving gangs of Blacks and illegal immigrants are coming for them.

Shameful. And yet, who among them spoke up truth? Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger…two Republican has-beens…who were shouted down by a mob of fellow Republicans…once again led by Donald Trump.

The question of a woman’s right to control her body…rather than an old white guy on the U.S. Supreme Court…or a panel of local politicians as many Republicans suggested…was the straw that broke many voters’ backs. Republicans - by their words and actions - are seen as extremists.

Like a bad cell phone plan, Republicans bundled their extremist views on most every issue…every public policy…and have solidified their brand…extremist kooks unworthy of deciding anything for Americans.

Republicans are now in chaos…faced with decisions; Do we drop Trump…an obvious hindrance to regaining power? Herding cats looks easy compared to the soon-to-be Republican Speaker of the House…how do you reconcile a party that includes the likes of Marjorie Taylor “Soon-Not-To-Be” Greene and Mitt Romney…or Mitch McConnell and Matt Gaetz?

The sad truth is…Republicans will have learned zilch from this election. They care only about being in power…remember, they have no platform, no policies…no solutions. They complain and blame Democrats for everything from oil prices to inflation to crime…but care only about bullying and stacking courts with Conservatives to protect us against…who?

Women, Blacks and young people showed up this mid-term election in record numbers. And they will show again in record numbers in 2024…because Republicans - no matter how much they lie…no matter how much they jerry-rig districts…no matter how they try to suppress voting - have firmly fixed a vision of what being a Republican means in the minds of too many Americans.

As Maya Angelou cautioned, “When people show you who they are, believe them…” Republicans - by their own doing - are extremists to those voting in America. It won’t matter whether the Republicans nominate Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for president in 2024…they all will be seen as the extremists that have a stranglehold on their party.

Are Republicans smart enough…brave enough to return to the sensibilities of the old Republican Party? I hope so…but I doubt it…because they’ve clearly shown us all who they are.

— Don Thompson, an American awaiting Canadian citizenship, lives in Vernon and in Florida. In a career that spans more than 40 years, Don has been a working journalist, a speechwriter and the CEO of an advertising and public relations firm. A passionate and compassionate man, he loves the written word as much as fine dinners with great wines.

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