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Terrace, B.C., man says life-saving rescue of 3 people was just 'neighbourly'

TERRACE, B.C. - A man who risked his life when he ran into a burning home in northwestern B.C. to save three people says he was just being neighbourly.

James Giles saw the house in flames late Tuesday in the city of Terrace and smashed a window to alert the family sleeping inside.

He raced inside, braving choking smoke and flames nearly five metres high, to lead the three residents and their dog to safety.

Fire Chief John Klie says the danger was extreme and there's no question Giles's actions saved the family.

Giles has suffered intermittent headaches and chest pains after inhaling the heavy smoke.

He's unwilling to be called a hero.

"What I picture as a hero's different," he says.

"For me it's more of a neighbourly thing and that's what happens when humanity kicks in right."

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