Taxi hits young boy on bike and no one pays attention

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PENTICTON - On Saturday afternoon, a young woman witnessed a collision between a taxi and a young cyclist. She was the only one who reported the incident to RCMP even though there were numerous people around the area.

Cory Nelmes, 23, called 911 after she saw a yellow Penticton taxi, turning right, hit a boy in the abdomen as he went across the intersection on his bike.

“I can’t get the image out of my mind,” Nelmes said.

She turned her car around, parked and ran over to the boy, who wasn’t any older than 13, she said. He didn’t want medical attention, said he just wanted to go home and off he went.

Nelmes filed a police report, but RCMP said they aren’t following up with the case because there isn’t enough evidence.

RCMP didn’t follow up with the taxi company, but the driver, AJ Raike, said the boy rode his bike into the car when Raike was stopped at a stop sign.

“He hit me in the front bumper...and he ran away,” Raike said.

He got out of the car and asked if the boy was OK but he left immediately after it happened, he said.

Nelmes said she was shocked no one else called RCMP to report the collision.

“Summer is coming and kids are excited and as members of this community it is everyone’s duty to ensure all of our members are safe,” Nelmes said.

“I stopped even though it interrupted my day and made me late. Where was everyone else that day? What was more important than an injured child—what if that was your family or yourself? Wouldn't you want people to stop and help?” she said.

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