Tastes great, less sticky: Some maple sap this season headed from tree tap to beer tap

In this Friday, March 20, 2015 photo, brewer Matthew Perry adds maple syrup to a tank while making maple amber beer at Chatham Brewing in Chatham, N.Y.
Image Credit: AP Photo/Mike Groll

CHATHAM, N.Y. - Some craft brewers are bridging the gap between tree tap and bar tap.

Local syrup adds a touch of woodsy sweetness to the maple amber made by Chatham Brewing. The amount of syrup destined for pint glasses from this spring's maple run is a relative trickle, but maple beers offer something for both local food lovers and craft beers aficionados.

Many maple brews are often offered seasonally to coincide with spring maple runs or autumnal leaf falls. Chatham's maple amber is a year-round offering. Chatham head brewer Matt Perry favours the darker syrup from later in the run.

Chatham gets its syrup from local producer Ron Davis. Maple tappers like Davis log long hours in the sugar house this time of year, when daytime temperatures creep higher amid cool nights.

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