Talking about health impacts of Ajax

Dr. Jill Calder, a leading member of Kamloops Physicians for a Healthy Environment, spoke at a Stop Ajax Rally last year and will be talking about the potential health impacts at a Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association sponsored event this month.

KAMLOOPS – The potential impacts the Ajax mine could have on health will be the topic a coordinator for the Kamloops Physicians for a Healthy Environment will present at TRU later this month.

The organization was formed last year in order to collectively address concerns over the proposed mine.

Dr. Jill Calder will speak on Jan. 19 at the Alumni Theatre at Thompson Rivers University. Calder has been one of the leading forces behind the doctor advocacy group and has spoken at several events already but this will be the first where she is the only speaker.

Calder has been the director of rehabilitation services at Royal Inland Hospital since 1991 and has worked as a physician and patient advocate for health care. When she joined Dr. Twila Burgmann in heading the coalition back in June the two had concerns over the effects of air pollution coming from a mine so close to the city. They also said the current rules for the environmental assessment process do not provide real data and are not meant for urban mining.

“We want a process that will give us real data,” Calder said, “the current process is not doing what it should to protect us.”

The Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association is again sponsoring the free event, one of several they have now hosted to raise questions about the proposed mine. Recently they hosted one on the impact on tourism with two university tourism professors and then on how the mine could change the image of the city with former mayor Mel Rothenburger.

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