National employment numbers for April from Statistics Canada, at a glance

OTTAWA - A quick look at April employment (numbers from the previous month in brackets):

Unemployment rate: 5.8 per cent (5.8)

Employment rate: 61.6 per cent (61.7)

Participation rate: 65.4 per cent (65.5)

Number unemployed: 1,155,000 (1,142,100)

Number working: 18,603,700 (18,604,800)

Youth (15-24 years) unemployment rate: 11.1 per cent (10.9)

Men (25 plus) unemployment rate: 5.3 per cent (5.1)

Women (25 plus) unemployment rate: 4.6 per cent (4.8)

FUHR: Canada summer jobs deadline and recognition for veterans
  OPINION I wish to alert local employers that the deadline for this year’s Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program is fast approaching.  Local employers who are considering using the program have until January 25th

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