Here's a quick glance at unemployment rates for March, by province

Houses under construction in Toronto on Friday, June 26, 2015. _ The economy delivered 32,300 net new jobs last month as Canada generated a rush of full-time work that helped keep the national unemployment rate at its record low. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graeme Roy

OTTAWA - Canada's national unemployment rate was 5.8 per cent in March. Here are the jobless rates last month by province (revised numbers from the previous month in brackets):

— Newfoundland and Labrador 14.2 per cent (14.0)

— Prince Edward Island 10.3 (10.1)

— Nova Scotia 7.4 (7.9)

— New Brunswick 8.0 (8.2)

— Quebec 5.6 (5.6)

— Ontario 5.5 (5.5)

— Manitoba 6.2 (5.9)

— Saskatchewan 5.8 (5.6)

— Alberta 6.3 (6.7)

— British Columbia 4.7 (4.7)

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