Share a piece of your mind with Kamloops Arts Council

Image Credit: Kamloops Arts Council

KAMLOOPS - The Kamloops Arts Council and B.C. Psychological Association invite community members to enter artwork into an upcoming art exhibition, Piece of Mind.

Piece of Mind is the local installation of a national exhibit showcasing artwork that answers the question: "What does psychological health mean to you?" The exhibit will run Oct. 7 to Nov. 13 at the KAC Main Gallery, Old Courthouse Cultural Centre, 7 Seymour St. West.
All members of the community are invited to submit artwork and showcase their "piece of mind." The hope is that these pieces of art will become pieces of individual inspiration and motivation.
It's free to enter one piece of artwork in the exhibition. Deadline for completed entry form is Sept. 26, 2015. 
For more information and to download the entry form, visit the Kamloops Arts Council website at or call 250-372-7323.

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