Rotary club to tackle meth problem as a community

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KAMLOOPS - A local rotary club is starting a task force to target a rise of crystal meth in Kamloops.

The club was approached by the Kamloops RCMP after it reported a growing concern about crystal meth usage in Kamloops during last quarter's reports. Kamloops Daybreak Rotary Club president Debra Sloat says the group is forming because of how difficult it is to combat the drug.

"Meth is one of those drugs that can be manufactured anywhere, it's harder to combat, and it's so cheap that anyone can get it," Sloat says. "It ends up becoming a drug of choice because of ease of access."

However, Sloat hopes the problem can be targeted as a community with health professionals, educators, enforcers and businesses combined.

"If you can build a meth lab in someone's kitchen and the stuff (is available) at the local drug store... if you get the business people involved, it can help," she says. "The idea is that you get all different aspects, everyone at the table."

The concept is based on a successful task force started with another Rotary club in Maple Ridge. One of the Maple Ridge groups leaders is speaking to the club in Kamloops on Monday.

"We're all working together," Sloat says.

Right now it's in the preliminary stages, but Sloat expects the program to begin in the new year and span over three months.

"It's like a 90-day go for it, do whatever you can," Sloat says.  "After that, we'll see what happens."

The club is hosting an information session for all interested and concerned community members on Monday at 7 p.m. at the TRU clock tower auditorium. For more information, phone Sandra Blair at 250-320-5921 or contact them by email.

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