Reminder: Kelowna taxes due July 2

Kelowna property taxes for 2014 must be paid by midnight, Wednesday, July 2.

Payments can be made:
-  at your bank/credit union in person, online or by telephone;
-  via drop boxes at City Hall’s Water Street entrance, Doyle Avenue parking lot exit or Parkinson Recreation Centre’s front counter;
-  at City Hall’s Revenue Branch front counter at 1435 Water Street (closed for Canada Day, Tuesday, July 1); and
-  by mail – send a post-dated cheque attention Revenue, City Hall, 1435 Water Street, Kelowna BC V1Y 1J4 (post-marked dates are not accepted as proof of payment).

Property taxes can be paid by cash, cheque, money order or debit card.

Current taxes outstanding after July 2, 2014 are subject to a five per cent late payment penalty, followed by a second five per cent penalty for outstanding taxes after Aug. 5, 2014. Penalties are provincially legislated under the Community Charter and are not discretionary.

Once 2014 taxes are paid, residents can sign up for prepayment of their 2015 taxes. There are no fees and participants earn tax-free monthly interest. New applicants can apply online at, call 250-469-8757 for more information or sign up at City Hall’s Revenue counter.

For more information, visit

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