PROSKIW: The lesson of the day: It's okay to fight dirty

At a recent B.C. Teachers Federation anti-government rally, one of the speakers brought someone with her to the microphone.

Her five-year-old son was suddenly before 300 cheering people on the side of a busy highway. The boy tries to hide in her arms a few times but after some gentle prodding he eventually parrots “I want school.”  

Cute kid but I have to question his ability to contribute to solving this very serious and complicated problem.

For someone who’s long grown tired of this neverending dispute, the ploy seemed a shameless manipulation and escalation of an already too emotional issue.

If Christy Clark tried the same trick the unions would rip her apart and rightly so. Using kids as shields is not just a questionable parenting decision, it’s simply not helpful. Children are not going to solve this problem, and neither will adults who behave like children.

Let’s remember that just because our kids aren’t in school right now doesn’t mean they aren’t learning. And question the lessons we are teaching them about cooperation and compromise.

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