Police on the lookout for cigarette-tossing drivers

Drivers are being warned improper disposal of cigarette butts out the vehicle window will be fined if caught.
Image Credit: shutterstock

PENTICTON - Motorists in the South Okanagan beware - you could receive a ticket for something other than a driving infraction while on the road during these hot summer days.

Penticton RCMP are on the watch for motorists who throw cigarette butts out the window as the fire danger increases.

“We’ve always ticketed drivers for throwing butts out the window, we’ve been doing it all along. If we don’t see them, we want the person who does to call us, and hopefully provide us with a license number,” RCMP spokesperson Don Wrigglesworth says, adding the same thing applies to illegal campfires.

Local RCMP have fielded one complaint this year about carelessly tossed cigarettes.

Fines start at $82 but can go up significantly under the Motor Vehicle and Wildfire Acts.

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