Pet respirators are now onboard Lake Country Fire Department trucks

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LAKE COUNTRY - Tri Lake Animal Hospital has donated two sets of oxygen masks for all critters sized super small to large so the Lake Country Fire Department can give needed oxygen to pets in distress in an emergency situation.

Dr. Jessica Treen and assistant Jen Schneider demonstrated the use of the oxygen masks for firefighters with the cooperation of Cole, a rescue bunny from Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary in Oyama, and ‘Patches’ the Tri Lake Animal Hospital CPR training ‘dog’.

“We want to make sure the furry family members can get needed care in an emergency situation too,” said Cara Reed, Practice Manager at Tri Lake Animal Hospital and Lake Country Veterinary Specialist Hospital. “These masks fit every critter from a guinea pig or hamster to a large dog.”

Lake Country Protective Services Director and Fire Chief, Steve Windsor, welcomed the additional equipment to be added to the trucks so all three fire stations in Lake Country are outfitted to assist with the care of family pets in a fire emergency scenario.

Image Credit: Contributed

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