Penticton's good weather brings out T-shirts, golfers

Louise Burgart stopped by the Penticton Golf and Country Club Monday to practice. She was skiing earlier that morning.

By Shannon Quesnel

Warm weather can be hard to find in Canada unless you live in Penticton, B.C. People are being frozen in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario and are being buried by snow in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Out in B.C., in the Okanagan Valley, spring has arrived. Every day that passes people are wearing less and less warm clothing. Some can even be seen in shorts and T-shirts.

At the Penticton Golf and Country Club dozens of golf fans were out on the fairways. They were taking advantage of the mild Monday weather and the fact they are allowed on the grounds. The course opened on Saturday which was not soon enough for some.

Alex Mazurin was out practicing his chipping. He says the course is closed for three months but he says you need the rest.

Mazurin points out the Penticton course is also one of the first to open due to the water-draining sand beneath the grass. People from Kelowna have been coming to wine country in order to play.

He also says it is typical for him and other golfers to drive by the Penticton course to see if it has opened.

Louise Burgart was very active on Monday. She was skiing earlier this morning and was at the course practicing her drive this afternoon.

“Someone needs to promote a ski-golf package,” she says. This time of year would be perfect for it.

Jim Graham is from Ontario and still appreciates the differences in the weather. He was one of the golfers who eagerly waited for Saturday.

Club employee Jeff Hollman says some years the course opens in February if it is warm enough. Opening this time in March is pretty typical.

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