Penticton committee appointments finalized

PENTICTON - The City of Penticton has finalized appointments for the 2015-16 committees and successful applicants will be contacted shortly with details.

City Council appointed members of the public to sit on various committees and boards for a two-year term. Appointments include (in no particular order):

Agriculture Advisory Committee: Charlie Utz, Rod King, Darshan Jassar, Fritz Hollenbach, Rebecca Ogden, Steven Boultbee, Chris Harp, Heather Sheddon and Rod Hollett. Liaison: Coun. Andre Martin.

Arts Creative & Cultural Innovations Committee: Jane Shaak, Kerri Milton, Vicky Jones, Robin Robertson, Murray Swales, Jason Cox and Allison Markin. Liaison: Coun. Campbell Watt.

Community Revitalization Committee:
Downtown Revitalization Sub-Committee: Doug Eaton, Kerri Milton, Barb Haynes, Tim Scott, Pamela Stevenson, Cheryl Watts and Erin Hanson. Liaisons: Couns. Max Picton and Campbell Watt.

Waterfront Revitalization Sub-Committee: Doug Eaton, Wayne Lebedow, Jim Cooper, Cal Meiklejohn, Rod King, Janice Taylor and Sharon Hickey. Liaisons: Couns. Max Picton and Campbell Watt.

Community Sustainability Committee: Tabitha Eneas, Pam Moore, Donna Lomas, Anne Hargrave, Chris Allen, Zoe Kirk, Hilma LaBelle, Nicholas Hill, and Ryan Foster. Liaison: Coun. Tarik Sayeed.

Development Services Committee: Darshan Jassar, Jeffrey McGinley, Chris Harp, Christopher Marte, Bruce Schoenne, Matthew Coady, Peggy Gilmore and Frank Conci. Liaison: Coun. Campbell Watt.

Heritage and Museum Committee: Randy Manuel, Brad Hillis, Heather Buzzell, Edward Benoit, Shelley Clarke, Don Wright, Loraine Stephanson, Bill Allen. Liaison: Coun. Judy Sentes.

Penticton Creek Restoration Committee: Joe Enns, Kerri Milton, Tara White, Bruce McFarlane, Phillip Rogers (with Bruce Turnbull Penticton Fly Fishers’ Association alternate), Bryn White and Doug Maxwell. Liaison: Coun. Helena Konanz.

SOEC Select Committee: Duane Jordan, Don Kendall and Dave Bushby. Liaison: Mayor Andrew Jakubeit.

Transportation Advisory Committee: Matt Berry, Rob Lionello, Daryl Clarke, Daniel Pizarro, Tracy Van Raes, Domenic Rampone, Louise Blais, Karina Chambers and Martyn Lewis. Liaison: Coun. Tarik Sayeed.

Mayor’s task force appointments are:
• Affordable Community Task Force: Ann Howard, Garry Gratton, Nick Hill, Deborah Guthrie, Susan Mulligan, Shelagh Turner, Linda Sankey, Milton Orris, Marjorie King, Heather Sheddon and Kevin Ritcey. Liaison: Mayor Andrew Jakubeit.
o Portfolio: Coun. Judy Sentes.
• Economic Development & Prosperity Task Force: Andy Oakes, Mark Melissen, Ian MacDonald,
Paulette Rennie and Derek Badger. Liaison: Mayor Andrew Jakubeit.
o Training Centres portfolio: Couns. Helena Konanz and Campbell Watt. o Economic partnership portfolio: Couns. Andre Martin and Max Picton. o Manufacturing portfolio: Couns. Helena Konanz and Campbell Watt. o Technology portfolio: Coun. Tarik Sayeed.
• Tourism Development Task Force: Robert Appelman, Tim Hodgkinson, Diana Stirling, Chris Bower, Mayor Andrew Jakubeit and Coun. Max Picton.
o Sport tourism and outdoor adventure portfolio: Coun. Max Picton. o Festival and events portfolio: Coun. Judy Sentes.
o Cycling precinct portfolio: Coun. Campbell Watt.
o Meetings and conventions portfolio: Coun. Andre Martin.

Council’s external appointments were also finalized:

Penticton Art Gallery - Coun. Max Picton

Penticton Chamber of Commerce - Coun. Campbell Watt

College Advisory Board - Coun. Tarik Sayeed

Downtown Penticton Association - Coun. Judy Sentes

Peach Festival - Coun. Andre Martin

Penticton Industrial Development Assn - Coun. Helena Konanz

Royalty Society - Coun. Helena Konanz

Kelowna Airport - Mayor Andrew Jakubeit

Seniors Wellness Society - Coun. Judy Sentes

SS Sicamous Society - Coun. Max Picton

Shatford Centre - Coun. Judy Sentes

Penticton & District Community Arts Council - Coun. Judy Sentes

External board appointments such as the Penticton Public Library board were also finalized, including Vicky Jones and David Korinetz for two-year terms and Connie Redkamp for one year.

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