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Numbers are in on Kelowna's early voter turn-out

Residents in the Westside-Kelowna riding can vote early at the Kelowna Curling Club on Recreation Avenue in downtown.

UPDATE: Breakdown of Kelowna's early voter turn-out

9:00 a.m. May 13, 2013

Tomorrow people throughout the province will hit the polls to cast their vote in the 40th provincial election.

Those eager to get their votes in early already crossed off their ballots last week, during the four-day advanced polling. The turnout numbers posted today by Elections BC Kelowna indicate a boost in Kelowna's voters participation from the last provincial election in 2009.   

Wednesday, May 8 was the first day advanced polls opened and proved most popular with local voters, with votes tapering off by Friday. Saturday marked the last day of advanced polling and also saw a slight increase from weekend voters.

The most early votes were made by residents of the Lake Country riding.

The Kelowna Mission riding had the second largest voter turnout, where the Westside riding saw the least amount of votes despite having the largest body of registered voters.

Here are the numbers:

Kelowna - Mission: May 8: 1,664  May 9: 1,205 May 10: 1,141 and May 11: 1,143  = 5,153 out of 44,671 registered voters.

Kelowna - Lake Country: May 8: 1,692 May 9: 1,309 May 10: 1,282 and May 11: 1,290 = 5,573 out of 44,610 registered voters.

Westside Kelowna: May 8: 1,449  May 9: 1,159 May 10: 991 and May 11: 1,050 = 4,649 out of 44,830 registered voters.

Advance polling numbers are posted for all ridings in the province.

Find the voting station nearest you to make your decision tomorrow May 14.

To contact the reporter for this story, email Julie Whittet at or call (250)718-0428.

8:16 a.m. May 9, 2013

Starting today and through to Saturday, May 11, Kelowna residents can cross off their ballots ahead of shedule. Advance voting stations are now open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. across Kelowna.

One of these stations is at the Kelowna International Airport, making Kelowna the first ever Canadian city to open a voting station for airbound voters.

Mayor Walter Gray commended the launch of Fly n' Vote at YLW.   

"You can make history," Gray said at Monday's city council meeting. Fly n' Vote ensures travellers don't miss out on the democratic process.

For the rest of Kelowna's earthbound voters early voting stations are accessible throughout the districts:

Kelowna-Lake Country

Kelowna International Airport 5533 Airport Way Kelowna

Rutland United Church 1370 Rutland Rd N Kelowna

St. David's Presbyterian Church 271 Snowsell St Kelowna

Winfield Memorial Hall 3270 Berry Rd Lake Country


Evangel Church 3261 Gordon Dr Kelowna

Mission Creek Alliance Church 2091 Springfield Rd Kelowna

Willow Park Church 439 33 Hwy W Kelowna


Emmanuel Assembly Church 2600 Hebert Rd West Kelowna

Grace Baptist Church 1150 Glenmore Dr Kelowna

Kelowna Curling Club 551 Recreation Ave Kelowna

Lakeview Heights Baptist Church 2630 Alhambra Dr West Kelowna


For those who don't take advantage of early voting, general voting takes place next Tuesday May 14.

To contact the reporter for this story, email Julie Whittet at or call (250)718-0428.


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