North Okanagan traffic flaggers to rally for injured colleague

Image Credit: FACEBOOK/B.C.Flagging Association

VERNON, B.C. - A rally is planned in British Columbia's north Okanagan this weekend by workers who control traffic in construction zones after one of their colleagues was critically injured.

Adriana Wilson from Frontline Traffic Control says flaggers will line both sides of Highway 6 in Lavington for two hours on Saturday at the same location east of Vernon where the unnamed flagger was hit by a car last Friday.

Wilson says the woman, who has 37 years of experience controlling traffic, turned 66 the day she was hit.

She says the flagger suffered head injuries and remains in hospital in critical but stable condition.

Traci Jeeves, the owner of Okanagan Traffic Control Professionals, calls it one of the worst crashes involving a flag person she has seen in her 21 years as a flagger.

RCMP say the 75-year-old driver wasn't able to stop in time, the case is still under investigation and no decision has been made on possible charges.

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