Naked yoga now an option in Kelowna

Chandra Lokah is the instructor offering naked yoga classes in Kelowna.
Image Credit: Contributed

KELOWNA - It might never become a thing, but naked yoga has made its debut in Kelowna.

Instructor Chandra Lokah says she recently held the inaugural naked yoga class in a rented space with just four participants, but now that she's held the first one, Lokar believes more people will soon follow.

“There were more people wanting to come but they held off because may they were a bit nervous. But now that one has happened, with all the positive feedback, I can see it growing a lot when more people realize it’s something they can do.”

Lokah is holding a mixed class this Sunday, Bare Naked Yoga, where both genders are welcome, although she’s quick to assure she will be screening participants for the right motivation.

“I want to make sure people are coming for the right reason. I want to assure people's confidentiality and privacy. The point of this is to get away from the whole issue of sexuality.”

While nudity is encouraged, it is not mandatory and the classes are clothing optional.

While Lokah describes herself as “not very political” she also admits she is somewhat of a self-styled “naked activist” who believes ardently in the right to be naked and can often be found on whatever nude beach she happens to be near.

“I believe in being naked, not just physically but metaphorically, for being authentic and not hiding our true essence. I think wearing clothes is good for protection and warmth, but clothes create a separation between people.”

Lokah is screening registrants for Sunday’s class on her Facebook page where they can message her for the details including location.

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