Molotov cocktail chucked at Vernon church

A molotov cocktail was thrown at the Vernon Family Church the evening of Mar. 16.
Image Credit: Google Street View

VERNON - Police and the Fire Department are investigating after a molotov cocktail was thrown at the Vernon Family Church Monday night.

Deputy Fire Chief Lawrie Skolrood says a nearby resident noticed a large flame around 7:30 p.m. outside the church, located on 25 Avenue, and phoned 911.

“It’s very fortunate the building was stucco and it didn’t do any real damage at all,” Skolrood says. “It was a small, close call kind of thing.”

Fire crews found a broken bottle at the scene and the scent of accelerant was evident, Skolrood says. The exterior of the church is scorched where the molotov cocktail struck it and although damage is minimal, Skolrood says the incident is still cause for concern.

“Whether it’s just mischief or whatever, you’re concerned of things escalating and becoming a routine or common type of activity,” Skolrood says, noting the incident does not appear to be part of a larger pattern at this time.

Police and the Fire Department continue to investigate.

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