No bail for man charged in deaths of 2 inside burning truck

BANGOR, Maine - Authorities say a man has been charged with murder after two homeless people were found dead inside a burning truck in Bangor, Maine, but a judge is allowing prosecutors to withhold details about the case.

The judge on Monday ordered 25-year-old John De St. Croix, of Bangor, to be held without bail on two counts of murder.

The victims, 43-year-old Michael Bridges and 36-year-old Desiree York, were found dead in the back of the burning truck last week.

The victims and De St. Croix were all homeless, but it was unclear if they knew each other.

Defence lawyer David Bate declined comment on his client or motives. De St. Croix faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

The judge granted a motion by prosecutors to withhold details about the case.

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