Live comedy show coming to campus Friday night at UBC Theatre

So, where you gonna get a better deal than this? Kelowna’s best comedians offer up a laughapalooza menu of live stand-up, comic sketches and improv. Snickers, titters, guffaws, and belly laughs assured. And it’s only five bucks at the door.

So brighten your weekend and trundle your bundle to UBC’s Okanagan campus University Theatre – that’s the lower level of the Admin Building, 1138 Alumni Ave., left from the bus loop – at 8 p.m., Friday July 26.

It’s the middle of summer and here’s a chance to yuk it up. C’mon. You have nothing better to do.

Presented by the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, Dept. of Creative Studies, and Theatre 26.

Cost: $5

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