Keremeos man catches rockslide on video

A rockslide on Highway 3 near Keremeos was caught on video by a local man, Friday, Jan. 22, 2016.
Image Credit: James Scott Goll via Facebook

KEREMEOS – A local man caught a rockslide near Keremeos in the South Okanagan yesterday morning on video.

James Scott Goll, who owns Digging Dogs Farm, says the sound was unbelievable.

The rockslide happened at around 9:45 a.m., Jan. 22 on Highway 3 about six kilometres west of Keremeos across from the rest stop near the old red bridge, he says.

“Before the rocks let loose it sounded like the entire mountain popped like an over-inflated tire,” Scott Goll says. “It made me feel pretty insignificant has a human compared to what Mother Nature can do.”

One of the large rocks in the slide made it to the ditch at the side of the road. The highway was not blocked and is open to traffic.  


EEEGAAATS!!!!!! THE SOUND WAS UNBELIEVABLE, WAS LIKE A HUGE EXPLOSION! Posted by James Scott Goll on Friday, January 22, 2016

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