Kelowna to be city within script of new movie

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KELOWNA - Another movie set to begin production in the Okanagan will not only be shot in Kelowna, but will portray Kelowna as the city within the story.

The movie, called '13 Steps'  will be shooting through December and includes cast members Raoul Trujillo (Riddick, Cowboys and Aliens) and Jackie Cruz (Orange is the New Black).

"When director Ivan Godoy approached me in June to produce his movie, I said immediately that Kelowna is the place to do it," Producer Silvo Pollio says. "Ivan and I set out to write a screenplay to take place in Kelowna, call the city 'Kelowna', and photograph every aspect of the film of the city as it is."

Film Commissioner Jon Summerland for the Okanagan Film Commission says the production will be using predominantly Mexican and American talent but will also use a local crew to keep jobs close to home.

"It is great to be doing one more film in Kelowna before Christmas," Summerland says. "As well, the fact that Kelowna is not standing in for another place is a first for our region." 

The Co-Director of the film is Michelle Godoy Priske. The cast also includes Tirra Dent, Destee Klyne, Carolos Rodriguez, Dane Stevens, Dorothy Dalba, Angela Quinn, Joseph Welton.

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