Kelowna man resists arrest

Image Credit: (SOURCE: RCMP)

A foot chase and fight with police last night resulted in multiple charges for a 39-year-old Kelowna man.

Plainclothes officers from Kelowna RCMP property crime unit and target teams were working in the downtown core around 8:45 when they noticed a prolific offender had been circling the area for awhile.

The 39-year-old Kelowna resident eventually made what appeared to be a drug buy before picking up a prostitute. Police followed as he drove away from the scene. Police say the suspect nearly caused multiple crashes as he drove through red lights and past stop signs. He has a history of fleeing from police, so Mounties followed him to a rural area before attempting to stop him.

It didn't work. The man fled and was chased into a nearby orchard in East Kelowna. During his flight, he damaged three unmarked police vehicles, including one by reversing into the front end. A struggle ensued and taser was deployed to subdue the him.

The man received medical attention for minor injuries received during the arrest.

He remains in custody facing multiple charges including dangerous operation of a vehicle, flight from a peace officer, three counts assaulting a peace officer and other charges. He is expected in court later today.

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