Kelowna City Council meeting highlights

Outdoor events

Council received an update on outdoor events in 2016 and plans for 2017. Between April and October this year, no matter the weekend, there was always something to see and do in Kelowna.

Looking ahead to 2017, the Outdoor Events Bylaw will be reviewed and updated so that it clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Outdoor Event Committee and provides an effective process for decision-making. Additionally, staff will work closely with Tourism Kelowna on the development of an events strategy that will provide a more strategic approach to the procurement of events in Kelowna.

McKinley Beach resort development

Council approved two development permits for 3450 McKinley Breach Drive, including one permit for 9 semi-detached dwellings and another for 64-units within two 5 ½ storey multi-family buildings.

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