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Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo: Liberal candidate Steve Powrie

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October 15, 2015 - 3:04 PM

We don’t endorse any single candidate. Our comments on these answers are an assessment of whether the candidate gave a candid answer as we asked for (REAL) or relied on party platforms, leadership or attacks on rivals for their answers (PUPPET).

To understand this post, please read this first.


OUR TAKE: Steve Powrie is a company man. What the boss says is what he thinks, apparently. We asked for personal answers and on six of seven questions, we got nothing but party rhetoric and personal attacks. (And we're being very generous on the seventh). So if you are thinking about voting Liberal in this riding, close your eyes and think of Justin.

1. The number one concern I hear from voters is:

Trust in government. People are dissatisfied with our present government, and want change from the divisive, negative culture that the other political parties thrive on. For the Liberals, it is our priority to change this. We have a 32 point plan to do so and it includes more free votes so I can vote on behalf of my constituents rather than the party line and an approach to government that focuses on the debate of policy and programs, not character.

OUR TAKE: Oh, please. You don't change divisive, negative culture in government by being negative and divisive. And avoiding questions. PUPPET

2. As an MP, what could you do to ensure zebra/quagga mussels stay out of B.C. water systems?

As an MP I will support the Liberal Party's plan to repeal the Conservatives attack on our protected marine areas, and the cuts made on Canadian scientists and coastguards that are at the heart of ensuring invasive species do not destroy our local ecosystems. We will restore full funding to the Dep't of Fisheries and Oceans.

OUR TAKE: Shot in dark here: The candidate doesn't get it. Unless IT is ignoring local issues in favour of taking any opportunity to attack a competitor. PUPPET

3. Do you personally believe in criminal penalties for recreational marijuana use?

Absolutely not. The Conservatives’ approach to marijuana is failing our children. As we know from a recent World Health Organization report, Canada has the highest teen usage of marijuana amongst the countries surveyed. The NDP approach of "decriminalization" also does nothing to address this serious issue, it's merely the status quo.
The Liberal solution is clear: If we pass smart laws that tax, legalize, and strictly regulate marijuana, we can better protect our children, while preventing millions of dollars from going into the pockets of criminal organizations and street gangs.

OUR TAKE: Steve, what part of 'Do you PERSONALLY believe' is hard to understand? PUPPET

4. Name one example of an issue you disagree with your party on. How would you reconcile that disagreement?

It is not so much that I disagree with my party, but there are some issues where I think we can do more. As a teacher and university instructor I am a diehard advocate for our young people. And although the Liberals have put out the biggest investment for young Canadians, $1.3 billion dollars into job creation and apprenticeship programs (10 times larger than the NDP investment), this is just the first step. If elected MP, I will go above and beyond to work with provinces and universities to find ways to keep tuition affordable so all students, regardless of their financial situation, can attain a degree the desire. 

OUR TAKE: Right... we get it, Steve.... PUPPET

5. Do you believe the federal government is doing enough to deal with mental health in our communities, in our courts and in our prisons? What can it do better?

Our failure to provide adequate mental health support in the community leads to our failure in providing adequate mental health support in the courts and prisons. This must be addressed. 
We will prioritize and fund working with the provinces, territories, municipalities and Indigenous peoples to prevent mental illness, expand access to care and recovery services and support, and combat the stigma of mental illness. That's the change I support - investing in the services the Canadians need before they end up in the courts and prisons. 

OUR TAKE: That SEEMS like a genuine answer. We're being generous here. REAL

6. Do you believe the federal government is doing enough to help veterans? What can it do better?

No. For ten years, Stephen Harper draped himself in the Canadian flag, then betrayed the men and women who fought for it. A Liberal government will (1) invest $80 million per year to create a new Veterans Education Benefit that provides full support for the cost of up to four years of college, university, or technical education for veterans after completion of service; (2) invest $100 million per year to expand support for the families of veterans; (3) increase the veteran survivor’s pension amount from 50% to 70%, so that surviving veterans’ partners do not face a decline in quality of life with the loss of their loved one;(4) re-open the nine veterans’ services centres closed by the Conservative government. 

OUR TAKE: Yep, another one right out of the Liberal platform. No points for originality, fewer points for personal attacks when you have nothing to say yourself. PUPPET

7. Do you believe a minority government can be effective?

Yes. You only need to look back to the Liberal minority government under Lester B. Pearson as Prime Minister. His Liberal minority governments introduced universal health care, student loans, the Canada Pension Plan, the Order of Canada, and the new Flag of Canada, kept Canada out of the Vietnam War, and passed Bill C-168, which abolished capital punishment in Canada. But it is most effective with a Liberal minority because its centrist nature allows the government to seek support from both the left and the right in order to drive support on bills and decisions.

OUR TAKE: We had so much hope for Steve on this one. The question wasn't about all the good your party did, it was whether YOU believe they can be effective. Thanks for playing. PUPPET

BONUS Will you declare your support for increasing openness and transparency in government and commit to interviews by the news media once elected? Yes or No. 

Yes. The whole Liberal platform on Reforming Gov't is based on openness and transparency. Want to do an interview on Oct 20? 

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