Kamloops restaurant hopes online post will find owner of engagement ring

Stock photo (not actual ring)
Image Credit: Shutterstock

KAMLOOPS - Staff at a restaurant in Kamloops hope to reunite a customer with a very special piece of jewelry.

A manager of the Earls restaurant in the Southern Interior city says a gold and diamond engagement ring was found in a booth on Oct. 11.

Alexis Moffat says the 14 karat gold ring has a larger, raised centre diamond shouldered by two smaller diamonds and a personal engraving on the inside shank.

It was found wedged in the crack of one of the seats after a busy lunch rush.

No one has claimed the ring, although Moffat says some have tried.

She says the restaurant has now turned to social media in hopes of finding the rightful owner.

"I almost am thinking the person doesn't actually live in town," says Moffat.

If that's the case, she's hoping a Kamloops resident sees the social-media post and alerts their out-of-town acquaintance to the whereabouts of the valuable ring.

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